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Introducing Digital Influencers

Monocl now leverages Twitter to enable you to understand the social media influence of medical and scientific experts across the globe.

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Introducing Digital Influencers

Empowering industry leaders across the globe

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Unparalleled Global
Expert Coverage

With our intuitive cloud-based platform, Monocl offers single solution and contains millions of profiles, each providing a 360-degree perspective to help you understand important scientific and clinical research, key collaborations, industrial relationships, influence, reach and much more in a way never seen before.

Helping you


Find relevant experts and organizations in seconds based on highly targeted characteristics, such as specific research attributes, seniority, clinical trial involvement, past industry collaborations, geographic location, influencing capacity and much more.


Prioritize which new current stakeholders to target through our dynamic profiles, enabling you to get a 360-degree perspective and make comparisons – all in one place. Proprietary ranking algorithms ensure that you are always looking at the most relevant stakeholders and content.


Engage key stakeholders and grow your relationships through continuous activity notifications, proactive relationship analysis, collaborative user work space and data input. Increase your operational efficiency even further through custom integrations.

Powered by
Machine Learning

The platform has been developed in close collaboration with leading global pharmaceutical and scientific instrument companies to create a truly unmatched user experience. We source data and apply sophisticated machine learning and cloud-computing technology for continuous analysis & updates. With highly intuitive work spaces, we transform your decision-making regardless of whether you work in medical affairs, marketing, sales, clinical research or other business critical functions.

Machine learning

Sourced Data Updated Continuously

Expert related content

  • 3.7 million experts
  • 450 000 investigators
  • 110 000 senior authors
  • 690 000 meeting presenters
  • 160 000 grant payment recipients

Key relationships

  • 235.8 million expert collaborations
  • 7 million activity relationships
  • 260 000 work affiliations

Activity related content

  • 22.7 million publications
  • 540 000 clinical trials
  • 857 medical & scientific meetings
  • $591 billion grant payments
  • $40 billion industry payment
  • 2.4 million news articles


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