A new approach to Rising Stars

The competition to work with opinion leaders is fierce, making it paramount to establish a close relationship with rising stars as early as possible. We are today introducing a set of groundbreaking features designed to help you find and characterize emerging opinion leaders. Watch Monocl CEO Björn Carlsson share a few words on why it has become increasingly important to work with rising stars and how this new release help support you in this process, more info on the release below.

Establishing stakeholder collaborations early is essential

All successful companies developing drugs or products are heavily dependent on collaborations with external opinion leaders and the competition has intensified in virtually all research areas. Establishing a close collaboration early on with the opinion leaders of tomorrow, the rising stars, will give you a tremendous competitive edge over your competitors.

Our stakeholder platform Monocl EGO has transformed the way companies work with external stakeholders. Today, we are introducing three new powerful features specifically designed to help you characterize emerging opinion leaders.

1 Identify new rising stars through career filters New career filters let you identify medical experts and researchers based on their career start date in any research field. This is a very powerful feature which effectively removes more senior individuals, who started their career prior to the selected date. Our blog presents a few illustrative use cases.

2 Spot and compare individuals with the most recent relevant research With this release, we are introducing new relevance sorting algorithms. With a single click, you can now rank experts in any area of interest based on the research performed during the last 2, 5 and 10 years respectively. It is striking how much a therapy area or research field changes over time. You now get the ability to track and understand these dynamics in a way never seen before.

From a competitive standpoint, this is immensely powerful as it equips you with the tools you need to find, prioritize and engage with future opinion leaders before the signs of their influence becomes obvious to your competitors.

3 Compare research output in specific fields of interest We have also added new dynamic charts for research output over time. This helps you compare stakeholders and dramatically increase the efficiency of your screening and selection process. Each keyword used in your search query becomes superimposed when clicked to help you compare the specific research output and areas of expertise between rising stars (and other experts) with an unmatched level of detail.

Learn more in an upcoming webinar… We will run a webinar in which we will give you a thorough run-down of all the new capabilities and how to best utilize them for rising star mapping and more. Follow this link to register for the webinar.