Doubling the number of Investigators & expanding mapping capabilities!

In our quest to accelerate and improve your stakeholder mapping and engagement efforts we are today doubling the number of investigators and introducing new powerful mapping capabilities to the platform!

Using a sophisticated activity linking approach, we have broadened the definition of an investigator to include a new type of investigator role – trial results author. What this means is that we have mapped all authors of trial results publications for clinical trials to the corresponding trial and assigned them the role of trial results author. This dramatically expands the number of mapped clinical trials to investigators and adds new layers of insights to a landscape and each stakeholders profile.

Because we bring together a range of siloed data sources and automatically inter-link all related stakeholder, this update becomes very powerful. Now the number of relationships between all stakeholder involved in a trial – sponsors, sites, investigators, authors – are exponentially increased, bringing you closer to a correct depiction of reality. As a user, this gives you an even more fine-granular view of your landscape and unlocks new avenues for a structured and thorough stakeholder mapping and evaluation.

Introducing Medical Specialty

We are also introducing the capability to prioritize experts based on their medical speciality. As you know, different verticals of medical experts provide different perspectives and assert different types of influence in a therapy area, indication, or pocket of science. An effective approach to segment important medical experts is by speciality, as it gives you an idea of their domain expertise and how it relates to your area of interest. From now on, all US Healthcare Providers in Monocl is enriched with their medical speciality for the purpose of improving your stakeholder prioritization efforts.

Expanded mapping capabilities

Finally, this new update also features a set of new increasingly granular mapping capabilities that lets you:

  • Assess track-record in industry-sponsored trials in seconds. Oftentimes, the history of participation in industry-sponsored trials is an important part of an investigator selection process. To automate this processes we now make it possible to specifically single out investigators that have participated in industry-sponsored trials in a heartbeat. Simply filter for participation in industry-sponsored and utilize Monocl’s additional features to break down the landscape by your desired investigator role, experience in a specific trial phase and/or trial type.

  • Identify guideline and review article authors in a heartbeat. Guideline and/or review authorship says a lot about the influence that a stakeholder has within a particular field. Perhaps these parameters are requirements for your sought-after, ideal candidates? Starting today, you can insert this as a required profile characteristic on top of Monocl’s sophisticated impact ranking and alongside you additional profile requirements.