We are growing and expanding the team!

We have grown rapidly over the past year. The key reason for our fast market uptake is related to the new approach we have taken to information in life science. Gone are the days when a siloed “source by source” analysis approach was sufficient to address challenging requirements and core customer needs – things are simply moving too fast today. To stay competitive moving forward, we are utterly convinced that a more holistic analysis approach is required. Such an approach puts a far greater demand on vendors supplying information to life science, this since you need to integrate, process and present information in a much smarter and coherent manner.

At Monocl, we have integrated content from numerous sources related to stakeholders in life science since our inception in 2013. Regardless of which fancy technologies we use (and yes, the graph databases and machine learning frameworks are really cool) we should always be judged by the value each feature actually creates for the user and how well we help them address their business objectives. Even though we have grown rapidly and now work with several Fortune 500 companies, we are never satisfied, very humble to the challenge and we always strive to improve. It is safe to say that our journey has just begun.

We are now looking for more great talent to expand our US and Swedish teams, starting with the following two positions:

Interested? We expect to fill the positions quickly so make sure to send your application ASAP if you believe that you have what it takes. We will be posting additional positions in the upcoming weeks, stay tuned or reach out directly to us via career@monocl.com.