Have you read the news? Introducing expert specific news feeds

Today, we are making millions of news articles, corporate press releases, blog posts, conferences, scientific forums and much more readily accessible on all the expert profiles in Monocl EGO. This means you will have the relevant news of an expert mapped directly to their expert profile.

How should I use news to add value to my expert evaluation – an example from a real-life use case

Paring the realm of news with deep scientific and financial content gives you an immensely powerful approach for your stakeholder assessment. We thought we’d share a real-life example to make this as hands-on as possible and showcase the kind of insights that can be obtained through this approach.

In the following scenario, Company A is looking to establish a close and long-lasting relationship with a rising star in the CAR-T space. From their shortlist of experts, they identified a non-disclosed expert, who, based on the scientific profile displayed below, looks like the archetype of a rising star:

  • a rapidly increasing annual publication trend
  • active at a renowned academic institution
  • a history of international and prestigious collaborations
  • numerous publications in highly cited journals.

When we look at news articles it turns out that this person has been involved in a number of interesting activities during the last year. These could possibly serve as exclusion criteria: * Joined the Scientific Advisory Board of the biopharmaceutical company Incysus for their program focused on the treatment of leukemia, lymphoma and glioblastoma. * Entered a two-year research collaboration and license option with CRISPR Therapeutics to develop novel T-cell therapies for cancer. * Was featured in a panel discussion about personalized cell therapy hosted by Merck MilliporeSigma. * Received grants of $750,000 from Bristol-Myers Squibb * Joined the Clinical Advisory Board of French biopharmaceutical company Cellectis

The insights gained from the news feed showcase that this person recently committed to working with three competing companies in the same space. On one hand, this showcases a willingness to collaborate with industry. It also however risks making the expert “over-committed” at the moment. Because of this, Company A ultimately decided to proceed with another candidate.

As outlined in the real-life use case above, this is often powerful information to have at your disposal as you evaluate one or several stakeholders, regardless if you are looking to engage with investigators, opinion leaders, external innovators or future customers. It really brings an additional layer of intelligence to your stakeholder evaluation, further speeds up your work flow and enables new dimensions of insights and processes. Use it to:

  • Screen for corporate engagements – which experts are acting as advisors to your key competitors?
  • Use news sources to expand and enrich your assessment of stakeholder influence and regional reach
  • Monitor news feeds to identify early opportunities and stay ahead of your competitors
  • Personalize and contextualize your outreach to make sure that it resonates with an expert’s current situation.

We hope you will enjoy this update and that it will bring much value to your stakeholder assessment. As always, send us your thoughts and comments.