How to make the most out of the new Monocl

This post covers some interesting new use cases for Monocl EGO. With the new release made today, you are able to search directly for publications, clinical trials and grant payments. This brings together disconnected pieces of life science information into one queryable platform that allows you to evaluate all these data types at once. To make things as hands-on as possible, we thought we’d share a sample of the new type of questions that you can adress with the new Monocl EGO.

To remain competitive, you must stay on top of emerging trends in your key market segments as well as constantly look out for new opportunities. The most sophisticated organizations know this and continuously monitors the global research landscape to detect market changes and uncover hidden opportunities.

With the launch of the Activity module, you can now insert any combination of keywords you prefer and get instant access to easy-to-digest visualizations of publication trends and the most frequent research topics within your area of interest. Set custom time intervals and analyze the results to detect and predict market changes or search for and monitor the moves of your competitors. 

Target your results by adding additional keywords or custom publication date intervals, research impact factor and publication type.

The new module is deeply intertwined with Monocl EGO’s industry-leading expert module. As the image below displays, each activity is seamlessly integrated and linked to a stakeholder profile. Hover over the author name to get a snapshot of his or her profile or click the author name to evaluate the experts in detail.

Simply hover over the name of an expert in the Activity module to get a snapshot of the authors/investigators/grant recipients profile.

This has all been done with the purpose of dramatically speeding up your workflow and enable you to efficiently move between market and stakeholder insights. As an example, you can operate in the Activity module to identify current trending topics and with one click of a button move to the expert module to identify the top 5 experts that are leading the change within your field of interest. 

What does the global landscape of currently recruiting, industry-funded Lymphoma CAR-T trials look like, who is leading them and which are the sponsors behind?

Looking to map the current trial landscape or simply interested in identifying experts with a desired investigator background? Monocl EGO now allows you to do both.

In a matter of seconds, you can now generate these results by searching the global trial landscape for your therapy area, target or mechanism-of-action of interest. As always, your results are visualized and available for export.

Narrow your search by trial type, phase or recruitment status. In addition, you can filter by sponsor type to only generate industry, university, investigator-initiated or federal sponsored trials. The Activity module provides you with instant access to the study design, results and inter-linked activities allow you to move seamlessly from a trial result to a related publication or the expert profile of the Principal Investigator.

Monocl's industry leading expert module is further enhanced with the ability to search the complete collaborations network of an expert and now supports Powerpoint export

How can I get continuously and automated updates on my key stakeholders and see how my current and historic stakeholders relate to each other and my competitors?

The Activity module has been designed from scratch to enhance all other elements of Monocl EGO. As a result, all activities are inter-linked and mapped to its corresponding stakeholder profile - allowing you to move seamlessly between related activities and the stakeholders behind them. The link between activity-stakeholder allows you to follow and track the research output and receive updates on the financial activity of targeted stakeholders over time. This could be carried out for a panel of opinion leaders that you are already working with, experts you are looking to engage with moving forward or even stakeholders that you would like to monitor because they are working with your competitors.   

Add key stakeholders to a project in Monocl EGO and track their recent activities to stay ahead of the curve and answer critical business questions: are your key stakeholders working with your competitors? Has anyone performed an activity that should trigger efforts in your organization?

The new version features a ton of new and refined functionality in the existing module as well. We will follow up with a number of blog posts to show in further detail how to best utilize the new elements of Monocl EGO. Reach out and book a demo if you can’t wait to learn more and set up an individual demonstration. Lastly, stay tuned and make sure to register for our Christmas Raffle to compete for an annual subscription to the new Monocl EGO.