Identifying Relevant Leads for Hyper-Targeted Messaging

Identifying Relevant Leads for Hyper-Targeted Messaging

About Symcel

Symcel was founded 2004 in Stockholm, Sweden, with the aim of providing the most robust answer to the simple question: are cells and bacteria dead or alive? Symcel achieves this by measuring the heat production in a bacterial sample using the calScreener, their proprietary analytical device. The calScreener reveals the true phenotypic response to an antimicrobial compound in real-time and label-free for up to 32 samples in parallel. This enables unique possibilities for antibiotics development and research into antimicrobial resistance, including quantification of biofilm formation and treatment effects.

Symcel was awarded a $3.6M Horizon 2020 grant for the clinical validation of the calScreener as rapid diagnostic tool for antimicrobial susceptibility testing.

The Challenge

Symcel’s primary customer target group are academic researchers. To identify them the sales and marketing team had to manually comb through the websites of academic research institutions and universities to identify relevant leads. But not all of these websites are well-organized making it difficult to find the leads the team was looking for. “You risk missing a lot of important leads” says, Pelle Friberg, Sales and Marketing Manager at Symcel.

Friberg adds, that post-GDPR companies can’t rely on mass emails but need to personalize the message for each potential customer. This is a time-consuming process that requires a good understanding of the lead’s publications, methods and techniques used, research focus, and professional interests.

The Solution

The team turned to the Monocl database to help them identify leads in their target group. Working with the database they found out that, rather than using specific keywords and identify experts based on that keyword search they obtained more relevant results by creating filtered and curated lists of publications within their focus fields. They then selected the last authors from that list of publications, added those to their marketing funnel and contacted them with highly personalized and relevant information.

Why Monocl

Friberg has used Monocl at a prior company and knew that the database provides a quick way to not just identify leads but also to get relevant information about each potential lead that makes it possible to custom-tailor the messaging of their email campaigns.

The Payoff

Within two weeks of starting to use the Monocl database, Friberg and his colleagues saw positive replies to their email campaigns. He can’t share any statistics about their marketing success but can provide the following summary of his experience with Monocl.

“I cannot imagine there is a more effective way of reaching a lot of people with a relevant message.”

Pelle Friberg, Sales and Marketing Manager, Symcel
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