Industry payments for 2016 are here

OK! 12 million new payments with a combined dollar value of 8.2 billion have been added to Monocl EGO. These payments are based on the 2016 data set from CMS Open Payments and they have been integrated using our powerful machine learning framework. Monocl EGO now lets you evaluate financial transactions between companies and physicians based on more than 40 million payments. The combined value of all payments in the platform is a whopping 25 billion USD!

The new insights are not only valuable for competitive intelligence purposes, but also for understanding financial collaboration networks and typical compensation levels for speaker engagements, clinical research for specific drug programs, pre-clinical research and much more.

All profiles in Monocl EGO now includes payments based on the 2016 CMS Open Payments program.
The capacity to filter experts based on financial relationships has been further improved in this release and you are able to drill down to individual payments of interest in just a few seconds.

In case you missed it, we also recently introduced powerful new affiliation filters which you can read more about here on the blog. Stay tuned for more.

Happy Summer!