Introducing 2015 CMS Open Payments

We have just introduced a major content update. Close to 12 million new payments, with a combined dollar value of 7.5 billion, have been added to the platform. These payments, which are based on the newly released CMS Open Payments program from 2015, increase the total payments available in the platform by a whopping 76%. Monocl EGO now includes more than 27 million payments between industry and physicians available to facilitate your assessment of financial collaborations in the industry.

In this update, we have also implemented 20 000 new clinical trials and added a completely new expertise tab to help you evaluate experts and organizations of interest in a much more robust manner. The latter is highly useful regardless if you are working with sales, marketing, medical affairs, new product planning, R&D information or other related functions.

2015 payments added to all expert profiles in Monocl EGO

We have added all general payments, research payments and all investments registered for 2015 and matched these to their corresponding expert profile in Monocl EGO. Powerful filters help you quickly evaluate and prioritize among investigators and physicians matching your business objectives. The financial insights are also very useful for competitive intelligence purposes.

Monocl EGO now includes all payments registered with the CMS Open Payments program.

Introducing a new Expertise tab with powerful analysis capabilities

The new Expertise tab lets you quickly assess the proportion of experts working with any of the top diseases, proteins, drugs, techniques etc. related to your search. Users are now able to simply click on a keyword of interest to see top experts and organizations in a right hand panel – all combined with your active search and active filters. This feature is very useful to understand segment leaders with a single click. Should you be interested in a deeper analysis, you can simply add the keyword of interest to the search bar and execute a regular search.

You can combine keywords within your existing search with one single click in the new Expertise tab to evaluate top experts and organizations in any area of interest

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