Introducing US Healthcare Providers and new payments from CMS Open Payments!

Experts with different medical specialties offer different perspectives and assert different types of influence in a therapy area or indication. To create better products and build a stronger advocacy for your products, you should be engaging with experts with various medical specialties related to your indication. To help you do this in a more sophisticated and streamlined manner, we are today introducing one US million healthcare providers to the Monocl platform. In addition, we have integrated new CMS Open Payment data and lauchned capabilities to filter experts by medical specialty.

##Find and evaluate US healthcare providers and other medical experts by specialty## With this release, we are introducing new filters that allows you to identify and segment experts by their medical specialty. We have added more than +250 medical specialties, to let you effectively single in on experts with the right type of expertise and experience.

##Introducing 12 million new payments from CMS Open Payments## More than 12 million new payments have been added to the platform from the 2017 CSM Open Payments. With this, the Monocl platform now features more than 52 million payments with a combined value of a whopping $31 billion. With this update, you can obtain new insights that will help you understand financial collaboration networks, typical compensation levels for speaker engagements, clinical research for specific drug programs, pre-clinical research and much more.