It’s All About Analyzing Data to Provide Insights for Our Clients

It’s All About Analyzing Data to Provide Insights for Our Clients

About PharmaVentures

PharmaVentures is a leading global healthcare transaction advisory firm headquartered in Oxford, UK. Over the past 28 years, PharmaVentures has acted as an advisor on over 700 deal related projects across therapeutic drugs, medical devices, diagnostics and telemedicine. PharmaVentures works with companies ranging from blue-chip multinational corporations to early start-ups advising them on M&A, licensing, commercial and deal strategy, partnering and fund-raising.

The Challenge

One key value PharmaVentures provides is from a strategic perspective understanding the challenges and opportunities across the evolving landscape, the potential positioning, and the value proposition of a company or asset. These are critical to ensure that potential partners or investors can quickly see the true value of the opportunity and map how this fit with their own objectives. To achieve this, PharmaVentures often conducts primary research to identify and engage with world-leading experts who help inform and shape their analysis and offer insights.

Historically, the process of identifying top thought-leaders, especially across multiple geographies, was a very time consuming, inefficient and involved extensive searches of many websites and databases to piece together comprehensive profiles of the leading experts.

To shorten that lengthy process, Eric was looking for a solution that would allow them to cast a wider net, consider more thought-leaders and give them the ability to quickly narrow down the initial selection based on customer-specific criteria.

The Solution

PharmaVentures started using Monocl to streamline their expert profiling. Access to Monocl allows them to identify top experts in a specific therapeutic area and then apply filters to identify the leading experts in specific geographies and/or with specific attributes. For example, PharmaVentures generally looks for the top, international thought-leaders in a therapeutic field and criteria such as an extensive publication list and authorship of relevant medical guidelines have proven extremely helpful in identifying and analyzing these experts.

Why Monocl

Eric compared a number of commercial expert databases focused on the healthcare industry and decided to subscribe to Monocl for two primary reasons. Monocl is:

  1. very user-friendly, fast and intuitive to navigate, and
  2. offers many features, especially visualization, that make it easy to get a quick overview not just of the profiles and activities of individual experts but also of the markets as a whole.

The Payoff

“With Monocl I can focus on analyzing data, rather than gathering it.”

Eric Liu, Associate, PharmaVentures

With strong pharma and investment experience, Eric appreciates the value of data in informed decision making. Access to the Monocl database allows Eric to short-cut data gathering and focus on the value-added work of data analysis. He can consider more experts for each assignment and quickly identify those that are most relevant to their clients’ projects. The filtering options allow him to hone in on specific geographies or expert characteristics and adjust those criteria quickly as needed. PharmaVentures clients know that the world’s leading experts are engaged for each and every project they undertake with the PharmaVentures team.

Eric can be contacted for further discussion at or +44 7387 101 284

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