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Editorial Boards – Experts Selected by Experts

Sometimes you need an opinion leader who doesn’t just have an impressive publication list, several clinical trials under their belt and or the ability to secure large grants. Sometimes you need an expert that you know is trusted and admired by their peers and has a reputation for being reliable and committed.

Especially those last two qualities are difficult to judge from somebody’s publication record or the number of their speaking engagements, but there is a good proxy for all of these desirable qualities: membership on an editorial board of one of the leading scientific or medical journals.

Professionals who are appointed to these prestigious board memberships have proven themselves and have been vetted by domain experts: the editors of scientific and medical journals.

Let’s have a look at what members of editorial boards actually do and how they are selected by the editors of the journals.

Editorial Boards – advisors and ambassadors for their journals

The editorial board is generally comprised of a team of domain experts who are tasked with all or a significant subset of these tasks

  • Review of manuscripts submitted to the journal and help identify additional peer reviewers, esp. in cases where external reviewers may be difficult to find
  • Write occasional content such as editorials or review articles
  • Identify and approach new potential contributors,
  • Identify trends and interesting topics for special issues,
  • Advise on journal policy and direction,
  • Suggest conferences for editors to attend
  • Assist the editors, e.g. by providing second opinions in case of conflict between reviewers, plagiarism claims, etc.
  • Based on their experience they can serve as mentors for up and coming authors.

In addition, editorial board members are ambassadors for their journals, they endorse the journal authors, help promote the journal to colleagues and peers, and encourage colleagues to submit their best work to “their journal”.

As such, editorial board members play an important role and having a strong board is crucial for a publication. In fact, the quality of a publication may well be in part judged on the strength and authority of its editorial board.

But the relationship between a scientific journal and its board members isn’t one sided. Journals strive to recruit prominent people in the fields they cover while researchers are interested in the prestige and recognition that comes with being appointed to the editorial board of a major scientific or medical journal.

“Being invited to join an Editorial Board is a compliment. It indicates that the Editor is pleased to have your name associated with the journal and believes that you can contribute to its success.” Verity J Brown, Honorary Professor, School of Psychology and Neuroscience - University of St. Andrews, Scotland

And just like there are tips and tricks for journal editors on how to recruit the best board members there are tips and tricks for researchers on what to do to be recruited as an editorial board member by a prestigious journal. Among the qualifications and characteristics journal editors are looking for previous reviewer and editorial experience are paramount. Factors such as prompt responses, detailed and well-justified comments and clear recommendations, reliable communication, deliverables that are turned in before the deadline and a collegial spirit are important characteristics the editors of the journal consider.

In summary, editorial board members are highly qualified and recognized in their field and recruited because the editors believe that based on their domain expertise and stellar reputation they can contribute to the success of the journal.

Given those stringent selection criteria, editorial board members also tend to make excellent external advisors for pharmaceutical and biotech companies.

Editorial Board Membership - Now Captured in the Monocl Platform

And this is exactly the reason why at Monocl we decided to provide you with that crucial information and add editorial board membership to the professional profiles in our expert platform.

Now you can find information about editorial board members of over 2,500 scientific and medical journals in the Monocl Platform and searching for that information is as easy and intuitive as anything.

See for yourself!

Searching for Editorial Board Members in Monocl In a first step you search for your relevant keyword or keywords as well as any other required factors, such as geography. In our example, we are looking for breast cancer experts worldwide and return 323,812 experts.

a keyword search will instantly allow you to identify your experts.

In a second step you can now further refine your search by clicking on the Board & Positions link on the right-hand side. This opens a submenu that allows you to further specify and decide whether looking for editorial board members of any journal or a specific one. In this example we were looking for an expert who serves on the editorial board of the AACR’s journal Cancer Research.

Refine your search parameters.

Refining the search with that criterion reduces the number of worldwide experts to 162. From there you can now either apply further criteria, or browse and/or download the list or look at experts of interest in more detail.

Filter down to more specific experts.

The expert in our example turns out to be not just on the editorial board of Cancer Research but also on the sister Magazine Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention.

What boards are they on?

If you want to learn more about Monocl’s platform and how to best use the new Boards and Positions feature to hone in on highly qualified expert, schedule a demo here.

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