How to make the most out of the new Monocl

A December to remember.

We are today launching a brand new version of Monocl! We have created a whole new interface, built new modules and added hundreds of new features to truly transform your workflow and drive operational efficiency. We want you to be at least one step ahead of your competition - every single time.

A vibrant stakeholder ecosystem right at your fingertips.

At its core, Monocl EGO helps you find, prioritize and engage with the world’s leading stakeholders and rising stars. With this release and thanks to our industry-leading integration of research content, financial sources and real-world data, it now also does a whole lot more.

We have re-designed the entire platform from the ground up. This release is the culmination of a tight collaboration with our customers and feedback from our fantastic user base working with medical affairs, marketing, clinical research, R&D information and other core business functions.

Four modules designed to transform your workflow and help you succeed.

We have organized the rich and comprehensive content in Monocl EGO into four distinct modules to make your life easier. Each module is seamlessly integrated with the others to let you navigate between them with ease.

The new dashboard provides you with an overview of your latest searches, as well as your most recent activity related to your created projects.

Search and analyze publications, trials and grants - all in one place.

In this release, we are introducing a new module specifically for research activities. What we love so much about the Activity module it is that it lets you search and review millions of research articles, clinical trials and grant payments through a single search at once. It thereby bridges these normally so siloed data sources in a groundbreaking way, which gives you tremendous insights and control over your analysis. Each activity has been carefully processed, augmented and connected to stakeholders in the same unique way that our growing customer base is accustomed to.

Each activity type has carefully designed filters and charts to help you evaluate research trends and drill-down on points of interest. You may export and share any content with a single click. If you want to learn more about e.g. a specific investigator on a trial or an author on a recent important paper, simply hover over his or her name to get a quick preview. Click the name if you want to access the full expert profile in the Expert module.

The new Activity module greatly expands the Monocl EGO ecosystem as it lets you search for publications, trials and grant payments in the same place.

Tons other new features and improvements to make your life easier.

The list of new features is loooooooong - here are a few highlights:

  • The new dashboard provides you with an overview of your latest searches, your most recent activity in your projects as well as the latest news from Monocl.
  • Track the research output of your opinion leaders, investigators, customers or competitors over time through a new project activity feed. This helps you stay up to date, quantify your ROI much better and understand who is working your competitors.
  • Identify and prioritize rising stars and other relevant experts based on true network analysis through new collaborator work spaces and filters for single expert profiles.
  • Filter individual research activities for targeted experts to quickly identify involvement in industrial trials, authoring of guideline or review articles and much more.
  • Export and share content much more efficiently. You may now export one or several expert profiles straight to PowerPoint as well as export any clinical trials, publications or grant payments to Excel.

Make sure to check-out this blog post for some sample use cases. Contact us if you want to learn more.