Using academic and corporate funding data to make smarter decision

As many of you who read the blog frequently knows, we are working with a range of great companies in the life sciences space. This includes pharmaceutical companies, scientific instrument manufacturers, medical device firms, CROs, financial services actors and more. Although these businesses are inherently different, they all ask us for improved means to track and monitor academic and corporate funding activities in the quest for meaningful insights to support their decision making.

For this reason, we have put great efforts into our new major content update. Starting from tomorrow, Monocl will be enriched with more than 1.4 million NIH grants. Each grant recipient has been matched to its corresponding expert profile in Monocl. In total, we are introducing research grants amounting to a value of more than $500 billion. As always, you will enjoy the easy-to-use filter functionality and user-friendly interface of Monocl to help you navigate. Needless to say, we are truly excited to announce this update!

To help you out we will post a series of blog posts with use cases, covering why academic and corporate funding activities are important and how you can use that data to make smarter decisions. Stay tuned!