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Market and sell your products in a smarter way

Monocl provides you with unique actionable insights to accelerate lead generation and drive relational strategic upselling towards your existing customer base.

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The increased volume of information has made it much harder to get key messages across. Recent regulations to protect individual privacy are very positive, but place additional requirements on marketing and sales teams to operate in a compliant manner. A new more targeted and compliant approach will be essential to remain competitive.

Power your pipeline with critical stakeholder insights

“OK. I’ll hand it to all the folks at Monocl. I’m just slightly blown away by their new expert analytics software… To my biotech friends, this is like PubMed merged with LinkedIn on steroids. Cool tool, superior.”

- Head of Sales, Scientific instrument company, Europe

Expert related content

  • 3.8 million experts
  • 460 000 investigators
  • 120 000 senior authors
  • 750 000 meeting presenters
  • 160 000 grant payment recipients

Key relationships

  • 236.3 million expert collaborations
  • 7 million activity relationships
  • 260 000 work affiliations

Activity related content

  • 22.8 million publications
  • 590 000 clinical trials
  • 0 medical & scientific meetings
  • $594.5 billion grant payments
  • $40 billion industry payment
  • 2.4 million news articles

Which scientists are most likely to be early adopters of our upcoming liquid biopsy product?

A major instrument manufacturer acquired Monocl licenses before the launch of a new liquid biopsy product. They were looking to identify and approach senior researchers who were working with the incumbent technology and who had recently received grants in adjacent fields. Using Monocl, they were able to build a list of 5000 prospects in a single day. Each prospect matched the ideal research profile and was more likely have funds to invest in new products. The license was later expanded and distributed to both sales and marketing directors to boost outreach performance. Thanks to the new targeted approach, the company increased email opening rates from 13% to 40% and thereafter exceeded its application sales target.


Which market trends and research topics should we include in our new content-focused marketing strategy?

A major instrument manufacturer purchased Monocl licenses and related professional services for an insight-driven marketing strategy. The company used Monocl to increase its understanding of the main application areas in the research segment, their relative size and growth over the past five years and their future trajectory. The results and insights were used to improve the market positioning of the existing product portfolio and to craft a meaningful new content strategy for the entire business unit. The results were also used to establish relationships with young up-and-coming scientists, who were on a trajectory towards an influential position in the scientific community.


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