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Increase the impact of your engagement goals

Increase the impact of your engagement goals, drive activities, and align your organization’s critical objectives - all in a single groundbreaking platform built for your needs


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Successful medical strategies start right here

Monocl Engage is revolutionizing how the life science industry designs and progresses engagement planning providing global visibility, dynamic collaboration, compliant and secure access, and strategic insights in a single solution. No longer will your plans be siloed in static spreadsheets, placed in outdated legacy systems or shoehorned into a CRM not built for this purpose. Partner with Monocl today to access the world’s first cross-functional SaaS solution for expert engagement planning, tailored to meet the needs of both Medical Affairs and Commercial organizations worldwide.


Ensure long-term strategic success by aligning engagement activities with your organization’s medical strategy and therapeutic goals.


Develop insight-driven medical strategies and long-term expert relationships through collaborative planning and best practice.


Evaluate the impact of engagement activities with external experts in real-time allowing for proactive decision making.

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Increase the impact of your medical strategies by enriching engagement plans with the powerful underlying data of Monocl

Work in a compliant and highly efficient way

Securely integrate your current engagement data, regardless if it is siloed in a spreadsheet, CRM, or legacy system. Monocl Engage is very easy to deploy and offers integrations with all major CRM systems on the market to enable seamless business continuity.

Connect your experts to Monocl’s product suite

Connect your different experts and customers in your engagement plans to the underlying Monocl data to obtain powerful activity alerts, enabling you to stay ahead of the competition, generate actionable insights, and build even more meaningful relationships.

Harmonize your workflows across your organization

With Monocl Engage, you are able to execute powerful workflows for strategic engagement planning, harmonize each workflow around best practices, run deep analytics, and manage your team’s access to individual engagement plans to optimize your performance over time.

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Measure performance to prove the value your activities and efforts are having on the progress of goal achievement, allowing for strong internal communication and informed planning.


Analyze past performance to gain a holistic understanding of the key success factors driving mutually beneficial expert relationships and optimizing your daily workflow.

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Ensure you and your colleagues are engaging the right external experts to optimally drive organizational goals and local objectives in transparent and collaborative environments.


Monocl Engage’s intuitive user interface requires minimal training or setup, offering you and your team strategic agility as soon as you log in, ensuring no lost opportunities or wasted time.

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Tiered access allows medical and commercial teams to securely engage with plans across teams and functions, ensuring compliance while enhancing collaboration.

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