Monocl For CRM

Empower your team with real-time insights

Monocl for CRM helps your field-based organization conduct more informed and productive engagements with your customers and leads.


Monocl for CRM is available for Salesforce, Veeva CRM, and IQVIA OCE

Monocl for CRM

Seamlessly enrich your CRM with a few clicks of the mouse


Enrich profiles with actionable and meaningful insights designed to be digested quickly


Access recent research activities to understand expertise, interests, and to establish relevant touchpoints


Review top collaborators for each lead or customer, including those based at the same affiliation or region

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Propel your organization’s targeted outreach by connecting your CRM with the world’s most complete scientific and medical dataset

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Empower MSLs and sales representatives with access to contacts’ most recent research and activities, meaning audience targeting is always accurate and relevant.


Runs inside your CRM to provide a fully integrated 360-view of your contacts and customers in the interface you already work in.

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Fully supported on desktops and tablets. Access our powerful dataset whenever you need it, no matter where you are.

Built to bring our customers reliability, safety, and a complete user experience

Monocl invested heavily in its development of Monocl for CRM to ensure that our users were given a product they can trust. The dangers of connecting anything less to your CRM can have consequences.


Monocl for CRM has been security reviewed and formally approved by our technology partner, Salesforce.


Monocl for CRM enriches contacts and leads safely and reliably, never risking to alter or delete your data.


Monocl for CRM updates all contact profiles seamlessly, requiring no effort from our users.

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