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Integrate Monocl’s content into your current solutions and work streams in a seamless manner or utilize our professional services to achieve your objectives faster.

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Whether you’re looking to power your existing software solutions with integrated data from Monocl, reshape your expert engagement strategy or transform your conference planning, Monocl Professional Services guides you and makes the journey easier. Deeply rooted in industry experience and unmatched in expertise, our team of experts leads you in transforming your organization.

Expert related content

  • 3.8 million experts
  • 460 000 investigators
  • 120 000 senior authors
  • 750 000 meeting presenters
  • 160 000 grant payment recipients

Key relationships

  • 236.3 million expert collaborations
  • 7 million activity relationships
  • 260 000 work affiliations

Activity related content

  • 22.8 million publications
  • 590 000 clinical trials
  • 0 medical & scientific meetings
  • $594.5 billion grant payments
  • $40 billion industry payment
  • 2.4 million news articles

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Specific areas of expertise

  • Integration Services

    Power your existing systems with groundbreaking stakeholder insights. Monocl’s underlying platform is built for scale and integration. Whether you are looking to bring our intelligence to your internal solution, CRM system or marketing platform, we’ll ensure a smooth and efficient process.

  • Stakeholder Enrichment

    Build a stronger external engagement strategy with Monocl Professional Services. We help support your expert engagement strategy through industry-leading expertise in opinion leader and rising star mapping and profiling. We expand and enrich the groundbreaking content offered in Monocl through customized reports with tailored information.

  • Meetings profiling

    Transform your planning process for scientific meetings and conferences with powerful new analytics. We profile meetings of interest and deliver them digitally and swiftly via the Monocl platform, allowing you to evaluate all speakers at once as well as helping you to understand their focus area, track record, location, influence and more.


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