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We help Commercial organizations across the life sciences industry to drive contextually relevant customer segments and to accelerate lead generation using key relational insights.


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A complete global solution addressing the core needs of Marketing and Sales teams

Monocl empowers Commercial teams to identify and prioritize the right customers to target with unparalleled efficiency and specificity.

Monocl enables Marketing organizations to develop targeted outreach plans across global portfolios in a harmonized, transparent, and high strategic manner.

Monocl provides your Sales teams with real-time insights to propel global productivity and performance.

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“I cannot think of a more efficient way of reaching a lot of prospects with a relevant message. This product has been the best investment I have made in all of my years in Marketing”

Global Head of Marketing, Global Instrument Manufacturer


Annual savings for an average Sales & Marketing organization


Increase in average new business generation

The ever-increasing volume of information, ongoing healthcare innovation, coupled with complex regulations are making it much harder for commercial teams to penetrate with key messages. A much more targeted and strategic approach will be essential to remain competitive.

  • Who has recently received funding to carry out research within my application areas?
  • What trends are occurring within a particular hospital system?
  • Who is aligned to my competitors’ products and what technologies and products are they using?
  • How many potential customers are there in a particular region and what messages should we drive to penetrate within our application area?

A partnership with Monocl offers a return on investment not only measured in dollars

Commercial teams are being hamstrung by a limited understanding of their leads and stakeholders, resulting in losses of hours, revenues, and ultimately relationships. A new approach to commercial engagement must be adopted that combines domain expertise with an aligned user experience. Monocl propels organizations’ commercial efforts by increasing efficiency and penetration.

Accelerate lead generation

Align messaging

Cultivate Relationships

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