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A complete global solution addressing the core needs of Medical Affairs

Monocl empowers Medical Affairs organizations to understand scientific activity and prioritize the right experts to collaborate with on a global scale with unparalleled efficiency and specificity.

Monocl enables Medical Affairs and field teams to drive strategic engagement planning across global portfolios in a harmonized, transparent, compliant, and highly strategic manner.

Monocl provides your field-based organization with real-time insights - when and where they need it - to drive scientific engagement, productivity and performance.

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“Despite many attempts, our field has lacked a single tool that can handle complex searches and accurately assess multiple types of expert merits to produce an actionable list. Monocl has become a phenomenally valuable tool that not only automates this process for us but also generates results we have been missing.”

VP of Medical Affairs, Top 20 Big Pharma


Annual savings for an average Medical Affairs organization


Net new expert engagements enabled per year

Medical Affairs’ growing prominence in the complex development and successful launch of drugs continues to drive unique business challenges. Our dynamic products and services accurately inform scientific activities and provide leadership and field medical with a distinct strategic advantage.

  • Which emerging experts around the world should we work with in our key therapy areas and new targets?
  • What is our scientific “share of voice” compared with competitors in our key markets?
  • Which experts are influencing industry, patient, and public opinion on important topics via non-traditional channels such as social media?
  • Which experts are appropriate for engagements related to subpopulations and comorbidities in specific regions?

A partnership with Monocl unlocks strategic potential and opportunities for growth

Current approaches to expert identification and strategic engagement are inefficient, siloed, and subjective. Why use highly specialized and limited resources to maintain expert profiles considering information and technology solutions can significantly enhance this effort. Monocl enables your organization to confidently identify and engage the right experts across the world.

Develop new expert relationships

Reinvest in strategic efforts

Increase engagements with current experts

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