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Accelerate your clinical development process

Monocl empowers your clinical trial feasibility process with instant access to investigators and affiliated sites with the right experience, skill set, relationships and track record.

Identifying and selecting the right sites and investigators is of paramount importance for a successful, timely and cost-efficient execution of a clinical trial. Despite their great importance, the tools available to facilitate these critical tasks are inefficient, siloed and expensive. A new approach is needed, especially with regard to investigator selection.

A new approach for your critical needs

“Monocl has truly transformed the way we work with identification of investigators, sites and research clusters to support our development pipeline.”

- Site Feasibility Manager, Big Pharma, US

Expert related content

  • 3.5 million expert profiles
  • 380 000 clinical investigators
  • 105 000 senior authors
  • 580 000 established authors
  • 160 000 grant payment recipients

Key relationships

  • 270 million expert collaborations
  • 6 million activity relationships
  • 260 000 work affiliations

Activity related content

  • 22 million publications
  • 450 000 clinical trials
  • $550 billion grant payments
  • $31 billion industry payments
  • 2+ million news articles

Which investigators and sites have the right experience to run our upcoming oncology trials in targeted regions and countries?

One of the world’s largest pharma companies has used Monocl globally for investigator and site selection since 2016. A key reason for their satisfaction is that they are able to identify highly relevant investigators and sites anywhere in the world for any therapy areas of interest, further qualified by targets, drug classes, technologies and much more. As each investigator profile also contains research publications, grants and industry funding and more, a new and much deeper holistic understanding is possible. The overall approach has been very effective for the oncology teams responsible for investigator selection, site feasibility and clinical intelligence.


Which physicians have published relevant rare disease research and have great potential to become excellent investigators?

In a novel effort to broaden its base of potential investigators to collaborate with in a range of rare diseases, a global Big Pharma company used Monocl to systematically evaluate physicians who were proficient in specific rare diseases but had little or no previous clinical trial experience. Based on the results generated, a range of physicians were approached and those who were interested underwent GCP training and other necessary training to be eligible to run and/or participate in clinical trials. The project resulted in a subsequent expansion to additional therapy areas.


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