Medical affairs

Build closer relationships with the right opinion leaders

Monocl transforms your approach to stakeholder mapping and stakeholder engagement, regardless if you are working with opinion leaders, rising stars, physicians or other experts.

Medical Affairs is undergoing a profound change and studies show that 50% of new drug launches fail to meet company expectations. Those who successfully manage to engage and establish closer relationships with the right medical experts, opinion leaders and rising stars as early as possible will gain a competitive edge over the next decade.

A new approach for your critical needs

“Despite many attempts, our field has lacked a single tool that can handle complex searches and accurately assess multiple types of expert merits to produce an actionable list. Monocl has become a phenomenally valuable tool that not only automates this process for us but also generates results we have been missing.”

- VP of Medical Affairs, Big Pharma, US

Expert related content

  • 3.5 million expert profiles
  • 380 000 clinical investigators
  • 105 000 senior authors
  • 580 000 established authors
  • 160 000 grant payment recipients

Key relationships

  • 270 million expert collaborations
  • 6 million activity relationships
  • 260 000 work affiliations

Activity related content

  • 22 million publications
  • 450 000 clinical trials
  • $550 billion grant payments
  • $31 billion industry payments
  • 2+ million news articles

Which medical experts with relevant international and regional influence should we target for our disease awareness campaign?

As a part of their pre-launch activities for a new autoimmune drug, a Big Pharma company used Monocl to tier and prioritize medical experts in EU5 with relevant disease and target experience. The customer was able to characterize the landscape and establish segmentation criteria for two distinct tiers of experts. 2000 candidates were identified and 50 were selected and tiered. Medical experts in tier 1 had international influence and reach, while experts in tier 2 had a strong regional collaboration network. 30% of the tiered experts were new to the customer, and several were emerging opinion leaders. Medical Directors and MSLs used the outcome and established professional relationships with the majority of the tiered candidates.


Which established opinion leaders and rising stars should we add to our US and European scientific advisory boards in the field of diabetic foot ulcers?

A global leading wound care company acquired Monocl licenses to establish a Scientific Advisory Board comprising a mix of established opinion leaders and rising stars. Leading diabetic foot ulcer experts and important up-and-coming researchers were identified and evaluated based on multiple and complex criteria. Selected experts were ranked and classified into four different tiers, and a final selection was subsequently made based on accomplishments, scientific merits, media presence, collaborations with key competitors and other factors. The outcome was used to establish an advisory board for the US and Europe.


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