Meet Monocl - Kristoffer Gustafsson, Head of Product

Why did you decide to work for Monocl?

I joined Monocl in 2015, before we even had a product on the market. I joined solely based on knowing the founders and their smart and ambitious qualities. They had a vision for the company that really resonated with me.

What do you find to be the best part about working with Monocl?

We are working with a really cool product! We build up profiles for all of the world’s scientific and medical experts and we let our users sort and filter among these as they please in milliseconds.

To enable this we have to solve really hard problems which have not previously been solved and this goes all the way from data science for which we need great machine-learning models, and all the way out to creating a user-interface that allows all users to utilize the power and all the features.

What is one thing your colleagues would be surprised to know about you?

Well, I think I have shown the few talents I have already so not so many surprises there. But perhaps something they don’t know is that I used to be a sports journalist for a few years!

What do you think makes a great work culture?

For me, a unique factor at Monocl is having truly motivated colleagues that go to work every day because they want to accomplish something. They don’t just see this as a job. That, together with a culture where we support and assist each other to accomplish those things, is, in my opinion, the main reason for our high growth pace so far.

What do you think Monocl provides that other companies don’t?

As long as you are adaptive and ok with an ever-changing work environment, I think Monocl can offer you challenges that few other companies can. We work in a truly international environment with almost all customers and partners outside of Sweden. As a SaaS-startup in the pharmaceutical industry, you also get excited with the immense potential of doing things differently and smarter compared to what they are done today!