Meet Monocl – Mariana Andrade, Customer Success Team Manager

Why did you decide to work for Monocl?

By having a degree in biotechnology one can already tell that anything that unites life science and technology will have my full attention and interest. That’s exactly what I’ve found in Monocl. The fact that I could find a space to develop myself in both areas that I am interested in the most while participating in the exciting journey of building Customer Success and Monocl as a whole, sounded like the exact type of challenge that I was looking for.

What do you find to be the best part about working with Monocl?

We are a very smart and sharp team, result-oriented and ambitious. It’s great to be part of a team that motivates you every day to give your best, to grow and develop yourself even further, and that is always ready to stick together to overcome all the challenges in the way. We are also always together to have a nice glass of champagne every time we succeed together, and that’s the best part: being able to count with your peers in the great and tough moments!

What is one thing your colleagues would be surprised to know about you?

I love canvas painting! My grandma proudly shows everyone a selection of my best paintings at her house, but don’t be fooled: she might suffer from “family bias” and just be a real personification of unconditional love!

What do you think makes a great work culture?

Proactivity, goals, and empathy. At Monocl you can definitely count on team-players that support each other and never compromise the end result. We strive to deliver the best work while wondering how to make it even better next time by implementing new solutions.

What do you think Monocl provides that other companies don’t?

A solution that enables companies to cut out the “extensive-data-gathering step” and walk straight forward to the “getting-value step”.